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26 April 2007

What We Loved About Lifou

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

Some of you may remember that we visited the Loyalty Islands over Christmas and that I have written a little bit about our adventures on Maré and Ouvéa. The last island we visited was Lifou, the largest of the three.

Lifou is the size of Martinique and it is resplendent with things to do and see. Here are a few of the things we loved most about Lifou:
  • Visiting a vanilla plantation and bringing back some vanilla to make vanilla coffee.
  • Snorkeling in the north of the island on Christmas day. We snorkeled for well over an hour in deliciously warm water, surrounded by the greatest variety of tropical fish that we have seen in New Caledonia (we've snorkeled on the mainland, at the Ile des Pins and in Maré).
  • Chatting with the very friendly locals (some of whom invited us to their big Christmas festivities).
  • Picnicking on the beautiful white, sandy beaches and the turquoise sea.


Ruth said...

We knew it was coming--and yet we were shocked. And saddened--because you have taught us so much about our mother's homeland.
We have so appreciated your interest in our mom, and all of the blogs explaining the island and island life. We have enjoyed getting to know you and your lovely family, even if it was all long-distance, and are sincerely going to miss all of you--unless you can find a way--as many have already suggested--to extend these writings from Paris.
You said there are many "American in Paris" blogs already. But Julie, YOU are the only one we know, so anything you write will be new to us.
And also, we would look forward to watching Pablo (and Sophie) grow!
So on behalf of my sisters (though I am sure they will have things of their own to add :-) ) I would like to thank you. We have gained so much from "knowing" you and we will miss your being in NC.

With fondest regards,


(I am having trouble getting this to post--hope it doesn't show up three or four times!)

Elaine said...

As always Julie, Ruth said it all.:))
But she said it well. We really appreciated your connection to NC. And all of the information that you have let us in on. You are our English connection. Maybe this will force us to learn to speak the French language. ---And maybe not! I know it's not over yet. We still look forward to what's left of your time in NC and to your entries in this blog.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your time in Paradise.


Jon said...

Hi Julie,

Great blog! My wife and I are planning to spend 5-6 weeks in the South Pacific this winter with our 2 little kids. We'd LOVE to find a gorgeous, secluded island paradise where we can COMPLETELY unplug - no phone, internet, TV, video games - nothing! Have you ever run across a place like that?

If you have any suggestions, please email me at


- Jon

Thi H N said...

Hi Julie,

I'd like to know more info on the snorkelling place you went to in the north of lifou?

And how does one make Vanilla coffee? I've tried it but it was made for me!

THank you!!!

Julie Harris said...

Hi Thi,

We went snorkelling at the Baie de Jinek. And how does one make vanilla coffee? This is what I do: Good luck! - Julie