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18 April 2007

Birthdays are Good in the South Pacific

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

"Birthdays are good, GREAT, in the South Pacific," reports one-year-old Pablo Guiader. On 7 April 2007, young Pablo boarded an Air New Zealand flight bound for Auckland with friends and family in tow. Air New Zealand staff were friendly enough to allow the taking of a photo of Pablo and his papa in the cockpit (which pleased his papa no end). Presents before, during and after the flight, Pablo reports that one simply could not have a better first birthday. When he thought all the fun to be had had indeed been had, he met the delightful Melissa and the fun began all over again.

Pablo does state that the highlight of his first birthday was not however the fantastic flight in an aeroplane nor the many wonderful presents, but the MUFFIN his mom finally let him have. Those muffins in New Zealand really are something else!

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Le Cagou said...

Hello everyone,
Welcome back to the island of Light Julie.
I have thouroughly enjoyed reading all about your stay in New-Zealand.
There is a lot to grasp and to learn too.
As you commented, you travelled more than you visited.
But you saw and conquered a lot.
Thank you for the memories.
I will visit Melissa's blog now and will leave a comment.
Melissa is introducing yourselves in a well-mannered way.
We know from the start who is who.
A bientot. Look afer yourselves. Marc