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03 April 2007

Birthday Boys

Meet the magnificent Master Dorian who is one year old today! Happy Birthday, Dorian! Dorian and his family moved from New Caledonia to Réunion in August of last year and we miss them terribly. Before they moved, Pablo saw Dorian nearly every day. They nursed together, they strolled together, they cried together and they smiled together. These days Dorian is his usual observant, sophisticated, intelligent self. Pablo is still our resident rugby (or football) player.

Pablo will be one on Saturday (7 April). To celebrate, he will be in New Zealand for his birthday. (We're going along, too.) We're excited about doing a quick tour of both North and South islands and meeting up with our great friend Melissa (she's flying all the way in from LA for the event!) and our friends Jo and Séan in Dunedin. We'll be taking planes, ferries, trains and cars all over New Zealand. Pablo will be a travelling fiend by the end - so will we all. Photos and tales to follow!

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Boys (including Uncle Clyde who turns 25 today)!


Uncle Stevie said...

happy BIRTHDAY to all of the Birthday boys! It's my Grandmother's Birthday today (4-3), and Marlon Brando's. I'm sure they're celebrating together! I'm glad everyone is SAFE, and hope you have as much fun with Melissa and Lola as I did last weekend! I'm sure you'll have more fun, in your tropical paradise...

sonia said...

bon anniversaire à ces deux magnifiques petits bouts d'homme et très très bon séjour en Nouvelle Zélande à vous tous ! avec toute mon affection,
Sonia : une maman qui connait toutes ces belles joies qu'apporte un petit garçon !
bisssssssssssssses !!