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23 April 2007

New Caledonia Votes Overwhelmingly for Nicolas Sarkozy

49.74% of New Caledonia's voters cast their vote yesterday for Nicolas Sarkozy in France's first round of presidential elections. The 52-year-old son of a Hungarian immigrant, Sarkozy appeals to those who want a stronger, more prosperous, more competitive France. Nicknamed "Sarko the American", Sarkozy vows to put France back to work (all but doing away with the 35-hour work week), lower taxes and guarantee every citizen the ability to own his/her own home.

New Caledonia voted overwhelmingly for Nicolas Sarkozy, more so than any other French overseas territory. Ségolène Royal, the Socialist Party representative, won 23.73% of New Caledonia's vote, followed by François Bayrou at 8.85%, José Bové at 5.88% and Jean-Marie Le Pen at 5.67%. Ségolène Royal won Martinique, St Pierre and Miquelon, and Reunion. For the overseas results, see RFO's site.

Sarkozy will face Royal in the final presidential round on 6 May. A televised debate between the two is planned for 2 May.

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Le Cagou said...

Hi everybody,
Thank you for your neat and fruitful presentation of the french presidential election Julie.
The french constitution is not very well known in the english speaking countries.
So this is a good guided tour.
Let's wait for round two in two weeks.
A bientot. Marc