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16 April 2007

New Zealand: A Land of Many Faces

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

Back from our whirlwind tour of New Zealand, our heads are swimming and are bones are aching. What a fulfilling (and exhausting yet thrilling) trip it was! We took a total of six flights (three in one day on the last day), rented two cars, took two trains, went on two aquataxis and one ferry. We spent more time travelling, me thinks, than visiting New Zealand, but my was it beautiful! If I were to do it again, I would definitely take a whole month to see The North Island and The South Island: there is so much to see and do.

We started with fair weather in Auckland and nearly froze to death in Dunedin. But oh the snow on those mountains, the green green green of The North Island, the sheep on the hills and the train literally on the sea. A trip to remember!

For a blog that tells more of our tales, see our friend, Melissa's, blog, "Petit Sojourn". She took literally thousands of photos (averaging a good 500 a day) and will be posting a fair few of them in the coming days. I'll also try to give you more highlights from our trip over the next month or so.


Beaman said...

Wonderful image of New Zealand!

elena said...

I want to be moved in this place… I would leave tomorrow! Ciao Elena (from Italy)

Julie said...

New Zealand truly is beautiful - and everyone I have met who has visited has said the same thing: they want to MOVE there! :)