This blog on New Caledonia is for those of you who ever wondered what life on a tiny island in the South Pacific might be like. Tired of bracing winter winds, the stress of an inner city or simply dreaming of a life change? This is a blog about what happens when, in the words of Yogi Berra, "you come to a fork in the road, [and] take it".

29 April 2007

Everyday Things

Photo by Melissa Kurtz, 2007.

Here we are, a typical day in Nouméa. Pablo and I try to get to the beach or the park or the store for bread every day. Laurent goes to work and Sophie starts school at 7 in the morning. Pablo and I toddle about, get out and about, and Pablo generally goes down for a nap in the afternoon (when I can work at last). Sometimes we even get to the beach for a fully-clothed dip (for Pablo, that is) and a rinse (as above) - but most times we head off to the park for climbing and squeezing and jumping and sliding.

Today it is a beautiful day in Nouméa and everyone in the family has had a long nap while I have cooked apples, answered e-mails, done some online research and looked at the view. Our lives will change dramatically in a few months with our return to Paris. Gone will be the ocean view, the cloudless skies, the warm temperatures, the silence and the birdsong. In with activity, friends, café visits, good coffee, the world's greatest museums, theatre, film, paying parks for Pablo and great shopping for Sophie. Oh - and self-evident, fully functioning faucets. Joy!


Le Cagou said...

Hello everybody,
I do like your philosophy Julie.
I can understand it too.
We are the lucky few to have experienced living in both emispheres.
What will remain of your stay on the island of Light is your diary Julie.
Written on day one after landing in New-Caledonia.
It's amazing how many things as a family you have done.
You have enlighted people you don't know and will never meet about this Territory.
Pablo will always be a reminder of this country too.
How many times are we asked about our birth place?
Every day and all our lives.
But it's a little premature to reflect on your sojour yet.
I am sure you have still things to do and people to see.
We await your next diaries.
Have a good day everyone.Take care. Marc

Sharon said...

I, for one, am sad that the life I have been living in New Caledonia vicariously through you will soon come to an end. I hope you will contine to write about it in retrospect.

Julie said...

Yes, Marc, I still have people to see and places to go - and I will write about them as I do, here on this beautiful island.

Sharon, you will simply have to come. I believe you will truly love it. And start a blog of your own on New Caledonia. :) (In addition to your other two ...:)