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16 February 2007

Ouvéa: The Most Beautiful Loyalty Island

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

To return to tales of our tour of the Loyalty Islands over Christmas, we'll turn now to Ouvéa, the most beautiful of the islands. Ouvéa is known as one of the most exquisite coral atolls of the Pacific Ocean. Hard to beat, Ouvéa sports a 25 kilometre-long stretch of unbroken white beach, an enormous aquamarine lagoon and a peacefulness unknown in this world. The island is 35 km long and in some places less than 40 metres wide. A single road runs north to south, most times along the long stretch of beach, through coconut groves - and at other times along the very edge of the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

Ouvéa gets its name from the Wallisian word uvea, meaning "island far away". Historically, it has seen many turbulent times, divided between Melanesian and Polynesian cultures as well as by religion. In the late 1980s, violent political events shook Ouvéa, the tremors of which were felt all over New Caledonia and France.


Le Cagou said...

Bonjour a tous,
Thank you for this photograph Julie.
Yes Ouvea is a jewell in this vast Pacific ocean.
In my childhood ( mid 50's ) l'Ile des Pins was this mysterious island that people started to talk about.
The Loyalty islands were hardly reachable.
Mostly by " Caboteurs "small cargo boats ferrying groceries, people and other goods to the three main islands.
Eventually air links were established between the main Land ( Grande Terre ) and its islands.
The increase in the population has made that more people started to travel around hence bringing photos and tales from these little paradises.
May I remind you that there is no tap water as such on these islands.
It needs to be saved mostly from the heavens.
After all arent' we in Paradise?
Their inhabitants tend to migrate to Noumea too where life is less monotonous and more active.
Such is life my friends.
A bientot. Marc.

Jo said...

What a beautiful photo! Keep 'em coming!

It certainly is nice to have Marc's insight into the island! Thanks Marc! We appreciate your comments, too!

Le Cagou said...

Hello everybody,
Well is our mystery tunnel going to solved? Are we going to travel on to the Noumea-Express train?
Has our Tonghoue tunnel finally vanished into a Black Hole?
Stay tuned to Julie's Blog, please.
All will be revealed soon.
Hi Julie, may I thank you for your first attempt.
New Caledonia doesn't release it's secrets just like that. I will provide you with some clues ( renseignements ) in the next few days.
Be patient my friends...
Thank you Jo for your kind comments.
A bientot....Marc