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24 February 2007

Ouvéa: A Deserted Island

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

In addition to its untold beauty (sands so white and silky, seas so aquamarine, skies so blue, one has the impression one has died and gone to heaven), Ouvéa feels deserted. True, during the day one does not see very many people (as it is scorchingly hot and bright - at least in December), but there are not many people to see. At the 2004 census, there were 4 359 inhabitants (according to Wikipedia).

As there is little work on the island, many Ouvéans live in Nouméa and return home for the holidays. What with one police station, one bank, four gas stations, one pharmacy and two dispensaries, services are also fairly limited.

Ouvéa makes Nouméa look like a teeming mecca.


Ruth said...

Well--no services but THIS beach. I'd say it's a trade-off.

jo said...

After 12 inches of snow blanketed the Midwest last night- I think we might want to consider raising Ouvea's population figure a few notches!