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27 February 2007

Ouvéa: Underwater Marvels (and Monsters)

The one day we got out to go snorkelling in Ouvéa, the waters were rough at Mouli Bay. But Laurent couldn't resist and though he nearly got swept away by the surf, he had the immense pleasure of swimming with a ray - a bit like this one:

Video by tiptup29

Thank goodness he did not see this (also found and filmed in Ouvéa) - a leopard shark:

Video by tiptup29

But most surprising of all ... a parrot fish (also found and filmed in Ouvéa):

Video by djenemoa

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Mlle. Lola said...

Good GRAVY!!! Between the sharks and those poisonous sea snakes, it sounds like treacherous waters... so scary!