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09 February 2007

Basic Tourism Information about New Caledonia

Billed as "where the French Riviera meets the South Pacific" by a tourism site for Australians, New Caledonia is a veritable jewel.

If you are looking for some basic answers to some basic questions about New Caledonia, I can suggest "Frequently Asked Questions - New Caledonia" as well as "New Caledonia Tourism Information & Facts". Not only will you find out whether or not we speak English, but if the tap water is safe to drink, if New Caledonia is expensive, how far it is away from Australia and whether or not one can surf here. More importantly, you'll learn whether or not your mobile phone will work in New Caledonia and if you need a passport, visa or vaccinations to visit.

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2005.


jo said...

Thanks for this helpful information! Saving it all for our return trip!
Hope all is well!

Le Cagou said...

Bonjour a tous,
Thank you Julie for your such an interesting information.
It is very accurate and worth taking notice of.
Now then.
Are you ready to venture out and explore of the unkwnown building of the New-caledonian past?
I name " Le tunnel de tonghoue " situated 11 kilometers away from Noumea the capital.
A hidden treasure near by " the Tonghoue pass " of which the altitude culminates at 122 metres above the sea level.
The tunnel was part of the railway line started in 1902 which was to link Noumea to Paita.
The idea was to reach the then village of Bourail.
Bourail was called so because this village would have been the " end of the rail" ( Bout-du-rail )
I let you take over the story Julie in your own time.
Thank you.
Have a good day everybody. Marc

Julie said...

How fascinating, Marc! I shall definitely have to try to find this tunnel ... I assume I drive towards Paita? Is that right?

All the best - Julie