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14 February 2007

Will You Be My Valentine?

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

So what do you say, will you?

This particular post goes out to all of Pablo's worldwide admirers, and in particular to Sophie, who is in London, on her way to Paris. Pablo is slightly anxious for her to come home so that he can show off his two new teeth, his newly acquired balance, his unworn shoes and his ability to put food (in addition to rocks) in his mouth, all by himself. "Have a safe trip, home, Sophie! Hurry!"

Pablo would also like to say a special hello to Ben in Stonybrook University Hospital. Ben is a wonderfully inspiring young man who has just gone in for his last round of chemotherapy. Pablo is sure all of you join us in sending him lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Lola of Paris said...

Nothing would make me happier than being your Valentine!!!

Anyone with two teeth is head and shoulders above the rest!

Lola of Paris.

jo said...

Isn't he a sweetheart?!
TOOO bad we can't see the new pearly whites! :)

Elaine bowe said...

Pablo your adorable!! Love your smile.
Ben, My hope for you is to endure and get well quick.
I hope Sopie is having a great holiday and gets back home safely.
Julie, just wondering if your going to try to discover Marc's hidden treasure place in pictures.
I have never heard of it.
Hope all is well with everyone else.


Le Cagou said...

Hello everybody,
Carry on smiling Pablo. I like your style.
Yes Julie, you will find our hidden treasure ( it's a tunnel after all ) on your way to Dumbea-Paita using the old " Route Territoriale Numero Un " as we used to call it.
The tunnel is halfway between the ascent and the summit of The Tonghoue pass ( altitude 122 meters.)
On a clear day the overlooking view towards Noumea is restricted but reasonable.
I think that from te top you can guess the tunnel entrance.
Rest assured Elaine that Julie is on her way to this discovery.
I believe that there is an " Association " looking after the Tunnel.
Julie just imagine the passing of the time when the Petit Train was using this tunnel full steam ahead.
It was last used by the American army to shift military equipments.
Have a good day. Marc

Ruth Pharris said...

This is my favorite picture of all--so sweet--and love that flower behind the ear. Is it a Plumeria blossom?
Aaaahhhh--the mystery is solved. It is a tunnel. Anxiously awaiting pictures.
Ben--my best to you as well.

Julie said...

Hello everyone ...

The flower behind Pablo's ear is a frangipani flower. We have tons of them as we have a frangipani tree in our yard. We are so lucky to have them - they are our favourites!


Julie said...

Hi, Marc,

This weekend we went a lookin' for the tunnel you mention. Half-way up the Tonghoue pass, there is a great banyan tree and a vista overlooking Nouméa as you mention. But we had no luck finding the tunnel. :( Do you have any other clues for us? Of course we want to go back and find it!

All the best,