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04 June 2007

Ilot Maitre: A Day Off-shore

Ten to fifteen minutes away from Nouméa (by boat) lies a little island called Ilot Maitre. We decided to take Sophie to spend the day there a few weekends ago. Laurent, Pablo and I had been once (for my 40th), and we wanted to show Sophie.

I didn't pick the best day. It was cloudy. It rained a little. And Ilot Maitre is about doing water sports (jet ski, canoe, paddle boats, snorkelling, etc.), lying by the pool, and soaking in the sun. When there is no sun, it can be a little sad.

However, we did manage to enjoy ourselves. We had a little visitor: a tricot rayé - who left us well enough alone (Sophie and I did keep our eyes on it, just to be sure).

Laurent and Pablo got in a nap.

Sophie caught some rays in the afternoon when the sun came out.

Pablo and I had a bit of a play.

And we all caught the end of a
beautiful sunset.

1 comment:

David Giustizia said...

So there is a "fountain of youth!"
40 you say, well you don’t look it. I especially like the look on Sophie’s face behind you.
She presents a real sophistication
Laurent, nothing like a little one to slow our lives a little, no doubt a well deserved rest.
Its fun and interesting to follow you all. It is very insightful for us but there is also a strange certain feel like getting to know a character in a novel, not through a key hole, as in reading a book. I guess I am saying I like how bona fide this all is. Blogs, what a wonderful new medium. Although I depend on the internet, it is a horribly deceptive intrusive bothersome tool. Yet to see it perform at its best opening the doors and windows to other worlds allowing the Laurent’s and Julie’s to be poetic and helpful, makes it all worth while.
Images of a mother washing her babies hands and playing in the last light of the day exemplifies what is so natural and vital to us all, yet what most of us leave out or have forgotten. Your blog is very calming yet refreshing and an inspiration to all.