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07 June 2007

Peet's Coffee: An Expensive Addiction in New Caledonia

Do you have a coffee addiction? Are you considering moving to a desert island in the South Pacific? Hmmm. Do. But you'll pay dearly for your addiction.

One of the wonderful things about New Caledonia is it is devoid of the Starbucks and McDonald's of this world (Nouméa does have two McDonald's, but that's it). It is charming, not being surrounded by big multi-nationals. It is charming, buying locally. It is charming, supporting the local economy.

And then, one day, you want a really strong, really good espresso. Life on a desert island gets just that little bit less charming. Okay, I admit it: I'm a Peet's lover. I discovered Peet's coffee in San Francisco a long time ago, and I have not found a better, stronger, richer coffee since.

On occasion, I order Peet's on line. I just picked up a pound last week, and here is what I paid:
  • $12.95 for one pound of Peet's Espresso Forte
  • $0.00 US sales tax
  • $21.04 in shipping (standard international rate - all they offer as a shipping possibility)
  • $16.62 local New Caledonian taxes
  • $50.61 TOTAL (or €37,49 or 4 474 CPF, depending on your currency)
Gulp. I should mention that if you can keep your online order under $33.93, including shipping, there is no tax here in beautiful New Caledonia. My order came to $33.99 - 6 cents over the limit. And so I paid 33% in additional tax.

I've mentioned life being expensive in New Caledonia, and I should know better. But sometimes you cave - for a really good cup of coffee.


melissa said...

Wow, Julie! Maybe next time you should order HALF a pound! =) If I'd only known about you and your friend Peet, I would have brought you some! I think they should make a commercial for Peet's with you, the dedicated international traveller, who simply MUST have her Peet's Coffee, no matter what, no matter where... =) I'm sure you will enjoy every drop of that precious expensive coffee! =)

David Giustizia said...

That’s ludicrous! That is not going to work for me. As Canadians we know very little of good coffee, but I still rely on a morning java at least. Tim Horton’s is our overwhelming coffee phenomenon .But would probably resemble dish water to you. Now I like Starbuck’s but hate having to order using the cutesy cup names, when all I want is a large. Anyway I thought they grew coffee on the island? Well maybe I can use coffee beans to pack all our fragile belongings with when we move. With a 20 meter container to fill I should be set for coffee for this millennium. Julie you are scaring me with all this talk of barely affordable online shopping while being isolated on a remote island. Yikes!

Jo said...

I think coffee is one of those necessary perks (ha ha) that a mother just has to have sometimes?


Ruth said...

We all have our priorities. Coffee's one of mine!!! Savor every sip.

David Giustizia said...

You know I had a cravin on the weekend and thought a trip to the bulk barn might fix it. I walked out feeling quite smart clutching a cellophane bag with a cup of dark roast chocolate covered coffee beans. They offered a very interesting set of tastes that fit together fine and made each bean so much more worthy. Unfortunately the robust taste was followed by excruciating heartburn. Which is a little disappointing, as I’ve always bragged of having the stomach of a goat. So I guess my message is forget the price and do not try being creative to get more for your money. Enjoy!

Julie said...

Thanks everyone ... I feel better now ... :)