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19 June 2007

Appreciating the View

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

Though these last few days have been busy with planning our move to Paris, I stop myself on occasion and drink in the view. We have had a magical time in Nouméa. We have been very, very lucky. We have lived in a house with a garden (Sophie's first ever), we have had the sea right in front of us all along, we have heard nothing but birds (parakeets) and the wind. I am so thankful for the time we have spent here - and for the glorious taste of paradise we have had.


melissa said...

Sounds divine! And, speaking of sound, I recommend you record some audio of those sounds - the parakeets, the waves, the rustling palms, the evening cicadas... Sounds can evoke more memories than almost anything and it'll be great to listen to them later when you're in the midst of the hubub of urban life and need a little slice of paradise to relax with... =)

Julie said...

Excellent suggestion, Melissa, will do! We also want to capture all of Pablo's babbling here in paradise. It truly is something. :)

soderhavet said...

Looks like paradise ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oui il est vrai que la villa 040 est très bien située. La vue y est magique avec un vent permanent qui rafraîchit en ce moment.
Pascal et Pierrette