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12 June 2007

Child Stricken with Strange Shoe Fetish in the South Pacific

Photos by Julie Harris, 2007.

Young Master Pablo was stricken with an overpowering shoe fetish last week and has not fully recovered. A native of the jewel of the South Pacific, New Caledonia, Pablo learned to walk like the Melanesians - barefoot - everywhere.

Today, a power walker of 14 months, Pablo goes nowhere without shoes - Sister Sophie's shoes, Papa's boots, Mama's flip-flops. As feet are not often wont to co-operate, Pablo has developed the technique of grabbing each foot with both hands and forcing it into the nearest shoe.

Where next, Pablo? And are you sure those boots are made for walkin'?


Le Cagou said...

Hi everybody,
I do recognise Pablo's foot wear Julie.
" Les rangers " as we used to call them.
When conscription was rather compulsory.
Even in New Caledonia.
In 1970 I was lucky. They reduced the time to serve your country to 12 months that very year.
An excellent way to discover this part of the world.
Boots are definitely made for walking.
Have a nice day. Marc

Anonymous said...

Those are some tall boots for Pablo!
But I see he's growing fast.
I'm sure he'll grow into them.
What a handsome boy he is.
Wishing all a great week,

melissa said...

Yay Pablo! An avid hiker already! =) What marvellous photos, Julie! Thanks for sharing the fun of your daily adventures with Pablo and his many shoes!

David Giustizia said...

That is an great picture of Pablo.If you laced those boots up he would surely stay put. What a handsome and healthy looking young man. You see it does matter where you grow your crop.

Anonymous said...

Is the diaper from the French Army too?
Papa de William

Uncle Stevie said...

Way to go, Pablito!!!