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08 June 2007

RFO Radio Debate on Blogging in New Caledonia

RFO Radio hosted a short debate on blogging in New Caledonia at noon today. I was lucky enough to be included on the five-person French-speaking panel (thanks to Sébastien of "5 minutes en Nouvelle Calédonie").

We spoke live on the radio here in Nouméa about who visits our blogs, why we do them, how they have changed our lives - and if we should be censored/regulated. The debate was hosted by Thierry Rigoureau, whose questions were pertinent and thought-provoking.

To hear the fifteen-minute debate, click on the file below. Warning: it is in French. Warning number 2: I make a number of silly errors in French! Alas. My thanks to Franck and Denis for recording this and making it available on the web.

My panel members were:
They were all very well spoken - it was a privilege to be seated among them.


Elaine said...

Ahhhh, a voice to the face. Thanks for sharing, even if I don't understand what your saying.

I hear no mistakes!!!!! :)

netwizz said...

J'ai été ravi de te rencontrer :)
Bon week-end !

Ruth said...

Sounds GREAT to me, too.

Dave Thompson said...

Very interesting to hear you, Julie, and the other bloggers listed. I managed to follow the conversation pretty well.

Here in the UK, I try to listen to France Inter (radio France) every day, and particularly "Allo la Planete" (late at night here)where I often hear callers from New Caledonia and the other "DOM TOM" places.

It is true, as you say Julie " La Noivelle Caledonie est vraiment un paradis".

BTW - are you mosquito-free there? (cue Vanessa Paradis with her song "Un Mosquito"...)

Le Cagou said...

Bonjour a tous,
Chere Julie,
Well done on your interview with RFO.
At least we can all discovered the sound of your voice.
Visitors of Julie's Blog, it's worth listening to.
It's not easy to be interviewed live Julie.
I know what your are thinking.
We like to be precise all the time.
We like to correct ourselves.
But the essential is that you explained very well who you are and what you are doing.
And that of your french accent ?
It sounds lovely and very chic.
I'm only glad that people will visit your site now.
A bientot et felicitations Julie.
Bonne journee a tous. Marc

Sebastien said...

Hi Julie,

I have put on my blog some photos and a short video of all of us at the radio... Thank you for this great moment. I'll call you later... bye

click on that link :

Jo Pfaff said...

Wonderful! Did you happen to mention that your biggest fans are 4 sisters from the Midwest???

Julie said...

Hello everyone - Great to hear from all of you. I so wanted to provide details, about my wonderful new friends in the American Midwest, about David and his family in Canada, about all of you who are so loyal to my blog. But would you believe I had no idea what the questions would be and had to think on the spot? Something I wish I were better at ... hmmm ... something to work on.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Netwizz and Sébastien. Great people.

Dave - I am impressed about your listening to France Inter and Allo la Planete. Fantastic! BTW, did you see my reply to your comment about photos of the Massif de Panié on Sebastien's blog at Go see them if you haven't yet! And no, we are not mosquito free. Last night I was devoured alive. I have 40 bites at the moment ...

Marc (Le Cagou) - Thanks for all your support. If only I could speak French as well and as intelligently as yourself.

Best to all - Julie

Dave Thompson said...

Hi Julie - thnaks for your reply.

Yes, I have had a look at 5-minutes-Caledonie -(Sebastien's blog)- brilliant photos of the Massif Du Panie region and elsewhere - thanks again.

Sorry to hear about your mosquito bites - Ouch!

Dave Thompson

"Ca vit du sang chaud des baigneurs...Un mosquito" ;)

Laurent said...

Bravo à tous. Très intéressante émission et très bonne participation.

Julie, tu as été parfaite !

Ce site est très riche en superbes photos qui donnent très envie d'aller en Nouvelle Calédonie.

Bonjour à ta petite famille.


Julie said...

Merci Laurent (Bernat) - High praise indeed, from the man who taught me practically everything I know about working on websites. :) Now all you have to do is come visit. :)

I must say that almost all the gorgeous photos on this site are by my wonderful husband, Laurent Guiader. Without his eye and his talent, this blog would be but bare bones. My thanks and credit to you, "honey".