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10 June 2007

New Caledonia: Leave Your Silk and Wool Behind

If you're thinking of moving to New Caledonia for a few months or a few years, "Leave your silk and wool behind!" advises the local dry cleaner.

New Caledonia is so humid that in a short time your leather will show signs of mildew and later mould. Your silk will turn yellow (never to be repaired) and your wool will either sprout funny little holes and/or smell bad for the rest of its life.

I recently discovered a whole closet-full of damaged clothes. I'd left a lot of my wool behind, but had been told that I would need the nicer (silk) pieces for special soirées. Alas, the dry cleaner was only able to save but a few pieces.

"Bring cotton and light fabrics," she advises. "The humidity in New Caledonia will ruin your other European (or American or South American or what have you) clothes.

We live and learn!


Le Cagou said...

Hello everyone,
Merci Julie for your compliments.
I have just read your comments on the Blog of Sebastien. 5' in New-Caledonia.
It's nice to see you there.
Thanks for your tips on bringing silk and wool to the Rock or le Caillou.
A bientot a tous. Marc

Dave Thompson said...


Mind you, it's pretty humid in "good old blighty" today, actually. (that's England, by the way)

80 degrees in my garden, really quite tropical and steamy. (for once...).

However, I won't need to worry about my leathers and wools - I'll probably need them again next week!

That's England...

Le Cagou said...

I can confirm what Dave says Julie.
The weather has been pretty warm here in Liverpool U-K.
Even in the early hours of this morning.
Two Posts from the U-K Julie.
And you thought you were alone.
Make the most of your remaining stay in " la belle France du Pacific sud. "
A bientot. Marc

Dave Thompson said...

"However, I won't need to worry about my leathers and wools - I'll probably need them again next week!"

What did I tell you?

Here in England, the hot weather has vanished (for now), replaced by strong cold winds, lashing rain and a temp of just 14C 57F today.

Colder than a winter's day in...New Caledonia.