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28 May 2007

Views from Ouen Toro, Nouméa's "Mountain"

Photos by Laurent Guiader, 2007.
Click on the photos themselves for close-ups.

Nouméa, New Caledonia's capital, offers the most magnificent views - from mountains to beaches, from turquoise blues to deepest greens. One of the places we always take our visitors is "Ouen Toro", Nouméa "mountain". From the top of Ouen Toro you have views down over Nouméa's beaches, Anse Vata and Baie de Citrons. From the other side, you have New Caledonia's mountains.

On a clear day, you can see Nouméa's paragliders and kitesurfers, and Phare Amédée in the distance.

It goes without saying that Ouen Toro is one of our favourite places to visit. Being only 15 minutes away, we enjoy its views regularly (and pinch ourselves, "Is this really a dream?").

Thanks to Ruth for inspiring this post ... this one is for you!


Ruth said...

Yes indeed--the very spot. Thanks so much--now I know what to write next to the photo.

Jo Pfaff said...

Well- since you are taking requests...How about a trip to Candi's Patisserie?? :)