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08 May 2007

Sarkozy Wins 62.9% of the New Caledonian Vote

New Caledonia made it clear on 6 May that Nicolas Sarkozy was their president: 62.9% cast their vote for him. Sarkozy, France's newly elected president, gleaned his greatest support in New Caledonia. He succeeded on a margin of 26 votes in Wallis and Fortuna, for example, and lost La Réunion to Ségolène Royal.

It is said that Sarkozy won New Caledonia because of his views on New Caledonian independence (and because of the move on the island to remain French). Sarkozy has said that though he understands the wishes of those who want independence in New Caledonia, he does not agree. He will do what he can to ensure that New Caledonia remains a part of France. The far-right National Front branch in Nouméa instructed supporters to vote for "Sarko" though the instructions from Paris were to abstain. They stated that voting for Sarkozy was the only way to stop the pro-independence movement.

New Caledonians will vote on independence some time between the years 2013 and 2018.

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