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25 May 2007

Windsurfing or Kitesurfing Anyone?

Photos by Laurent Guiader, 2007.
Click on the photos themsleves to see close-ups.

Nouméa is blessed with a mighty wind on its beautiful long stretch of beach at Anse Vata. Whenever the wind is up (which is most of the time), you are likely to find a host of windsurfers and kitesurfers. On clear blue-sky days as warm as 30° C, it makes one want to have a go. No?


Ruth said...

When we were visiting NC we were driven up a hill (mountain?) to a park of some sort (I think) that overlooked the ocean. Some of my favorite photos are the brilliant colors of the kites surfing against the blue ocean. Thanks for the memories. :-)
I've just gotten out my photo album and remembered how I LOVED the fish market. And the architecture of the Tijbaou Culture Center. And the experience of sleeping in a hut at Club Med. And all the laughs we had when our family said, "Fromage", at picture taking sessions.
OK maybe there wasn't much I didn't love. Except maybe the lack of handy restrooms on the 3 day tour around the island. I'll spare you the details of THAT!!!

Slingshot Octane said...

it's truly one of the best places, I have been there twice!


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