This blog on New Caledonia is for those of you who ever wondered what life on a tiny island in the South Pacific might be like. Tired of bracing winter winds, the stress of an inner city or simply dreaming of a life change? This is a blog about what happens when, in the words of Yogi Berra, "you come to a fork in the road, [and] take it".

06 May 2007

Lifou: Amusing Sights

We just loved certain things about Lifou - trees growing out of houses, "houses" going up over night, the optician's being signposted (when very little else was), and roadside welcome (?) signs. We were struck by the ease of living and the local humour. Could it be that we are simply easily amused? Me thinks it is simply easy and wonderful in Lifou.

Photos by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

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