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21 May 2006

From Anse Vata to Baie des Citrons

This has come to be a daily view as winter approaches. In an effort to take advantage of the cool, bright days in Nouméa, I have taken to walking this stretch between Anse Vata (Nouméa's windier beach which is home to our many windsurfers) and the Baie des Citrons (the beach more frequented by sunbathers) more often. Pablo and I also join our friends Caitlin and Dorian for walks along the Anse Vata three mornings a week. Suffice it to say we have become addicted to the view, the fresh air, the wind, the sun and the great company. Heaven help us when we will return to Europe in 2007!

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.


Jo Pfaff said...

Greetings! My sisters and I have been enjoying your NC site! Our mother was born and raised there! She came to the US as a war bride in 1946. We still have family in NC- an uncle and 8 cousins. We visited in June of 2000 and your site brings back many fond and beautiful memories.
May we recommend our cousin's bakery? Candi's Patisserie. Franceline Duffau and her husband Jean-Michel create fabulous treats! If you are able to go, please greet her for our family.
Sincerely, Jo Pfaff and Ruth Pharris

Julie said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging note - and how very lucky you are to have a mother who was born and raised here! What a very special lady she is. I would love to learn more!

I would also love to visit your cousin's bakery. Do you know whereabouts it is? What neighbourhood? Is it called "Candi's Patisserie"?

Please feel free to write to me at

All the best - Julie