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12 May 2006

A Good Old-Fashioned Triathlon

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.
On 23 April, 152 triathletes participated in Nouméa's International Triathlon (for great photos, results and more - in French - see I can't say I've ever been in a city when a triathlon was being held. It is inspiring to be surrounded by so many athletes. It makes you just want to get out there and run (okay, so I've started speed-walking recently; running is soon to come)!

Apparently it was a great event with the swimming, running and biking all taking place in a morning. Laurent's friend Bruno (above) managed to beat his military colleagues' times on his own. A few of them had formed a team, and he beat each one of their times. He finished 72nd out of 152 participants, completing the triathlon in just over 2 hours 24 minutes. Biking was his greatest strength (10 km) - he finished 58th! Wow - I'm impressed.

The question is: will Laurent sign up for next year's triathlon?

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