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03 June 2006

Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2005.

Have you ever dreamed of working for an international organisation in the South Pacific? Have you heard of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)? A bilingual (English/French) organisation, the SPC works on a variety of issues that concern its 22 member countries and territories, including land resources, marine resources and social resources. Its mission is to help Pacific Island people make and implement informed decisions about their future. Called the mini-United Nations of the South Pacific, the SPC's work programmes aim to develop technical assistance; professional, scientific and research support; and planning and management capability building. The SPC regularly posts job vacancies on its website at and is located right on the water on the beautiful Anse Vata in Nouméa.

For all my Paris OECD readers, tempted?


Anonymous said...

Working at SPC's not all that bad :-)

Julie said...

I bet! I would have loved to have worked there. Do tell us more!

Anonymous said...

Our vacancies are posted on

The main website address is

Julie said...

Thanks for providing the new links for the SPC site and its vacancies. MUCH appreciated!