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30 June 2006

Alternative Sleeping Arrangements in Nouméa

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.
Does swaying in a hammock on a South Pacific island tempt you in times of stress? Here in New Caledonia we have hammocks of all shapes, sizes and colours. Pablo's life is far from terribly stressful (apart from when his mother jumps and shouts when France scores a goal in the World Cup). To combat boredom with sleeping in a crib, Pablo also sleeps outside in his hammock, as pictured above. Oh to be a baby. Oh to have a hammock. Oh to live on an island in the South Pacific!

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stevie said...

He isn't left unattended in that thing, I hope? What with the terrifying array of creepy crawlies and vicious serpents... And I'm so glad to see that that wasn't your hair in the photo with the native peoples...