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14 February 2006

Welcome to Phare Amédée

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.
Back in January we made a day trip to Phare Amédée, a marine reserve noted for its clear water (and I'd add sea snakes) and a 56-metre-high lighthouse, designed, built and imported from Paris in 1862. It was a full day and we literally never stopped. Our programme for the day:

09.00 - Departure from Nouméa by boat
09.30 - Arrival at Amédée Lighthouse
10.00 - A bit of snorkeling and swimming in the transparent waters
11.00 - Barrier reef cruise (to see the reef sharks)
11.45 - Pre-lunch cocktails (as welcomed by the hostess above)
12.00 - Buffet lunch (copious - lots of salads and fresh fruit and grilled fish)
12.30 - South Pacific folklore dancing (including fire dancing)
13.15 - Coffee and biscuits
13.30 - Pareo tying and coconut tree climbing demonstration
14.00 - Glass bottom boat (Laurent jumped in and swam with the trigger fish, blue spotted cod, butterfly fish, lady fish and lion fish)
14.30 - Swimming with sea snakes
15.00 - Quick tour of the island and visit to the lighthouse
15.45 - Departure
16.30 - Arrival in Nouméa

More pictures to follow ... but in sum, I would say this was a wonderful way to spend a day in New Caledonia. We look forward to returning with visiting friends and family!

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