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18 February 2006

Somehow Safer: Reef Sharks

Compared to sea snakes, I have to say I find reef sharks that much safer. Okay, I don't have occasion to swim with reef sharks very often (though we did see one while snorkeling at the Phare Amédée), but even so the thought of a swimming snake worries me more. Left, a reef shark that came to visit while on our barrier reef cruise at the Phare Amédée. If you want to see him up close and personal, click on the photo.
More on a day at Phare Amédée. / Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

1 comment:

stevie said...

sharks are scary, and probably more dangerous, according to your careful analysis regarding the size of the poisonous snakes' mouths, in relationship to the human finger. i still have nightmares about those snakes. anytime i think i might want to come there, i turn cold blue with terror!!!!!!!!