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04 January 2007

Video: A Typical Drive in Nouméa

Would you like to see a typical drive in Nouméa? If so, you'll enjoy the three-minute clip below. (Click on the arrow and turn up the volume.) This clip is brought to you by YouTube member, ipiroro. This is his drive to work: you'll love where he works.

The drive begins on Promenade Vernier and continues past Ouen Toro past "The Roof" (a great restaurant on the water" to the tourist office (look for the hut) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (not shown, but it is across from the tourist office) at Anse Vata. Nouméans will recognise the drive easily and those at a distance will remember it fondly (I am thinking in particular of Caitlin and Xavier).

Laurent runs this stretch, Sophie is learning how to drive here, and this is my favourite bit to drive with Pablo (we do it at least once a week). Doesn't it make you dream, smile, want to visit?

My thanks to ipiroro.


Jo said...

I loved the videos!
What does "ipiroro" mean, anyway?
Does he live in NC?
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Mormhand said...

Julie, thank you for the video. and the accompanying music. it does so much good for us to be able to envision where our son is living and working. hope that you have a great year; you're off to a great blogging start. at this rate you'll have 144 this year! a la prochaine,

Julie said...

Hello Jo and "mormhand",

So happy to hear you enjoyed the video. Though a wee bit long, I love it because it really does capture what it is like to drive along the sea here in Nouméa. Ipiroro is a user name - I don't know what it means, but you see him in the video. What do you think his job is?

As for your son, "mormhand", what does he do? How exciting that he is here!

All the best to everyone,


Elaine said...

Could it be that Ipiroro is a lifeguard although I had never seen a lifeguard in Noumea! Or does he patrol the beach or a beach bum!!!!:))
In any case I am envious of his job. It appears to be on the beach. I loved all his videos. And I agree the music is upbeat. Maybe because it's oldies but goodies. But my favorite dispite not knowing the language is "Going to work". Wish I knew what the song was about. It's just so catchy. Thank you Julie for helping me and my sisters go back to NC even if it is through videos and your wonderful pictures. I come home from work, get everything else out of the way, then sit down at the computer and first thing I go to your site. I always look forward to the end of the day to be taken away to a beautiful island in the South Pacific. Thank you again.