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31 January 2007

A New Franco-American in Caledonia

Today was a big day for the little fella above. Pablo Killian Guiader met with US Consul Debra Towry here in Nouméa to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad along with a US passport. His mother had been preparing for weeks, it seemed. She'd spent hours pouring over old passports, electronic calendars, journals and letters, sending notes to friends, family and past employers, and generally being an all around boor to all and asunder. The main task at hand was the preparation of a list of all the precise dates Pablo's mother had been in the United States since her birth - along with all the dates and locations of her life abroad. With proof, thank you.

Pablo would like to personally thank US Ambassador Larry Miles Dinger for having sent US Consul Debra Towry to Nouméa. As New Caledonia does not have an American Embassy, his parents had been organising a trip to Fiji (the presiding US embassy for the region) - and as there had been a coup recently in Fiji, things were looking a bit iffy. Particularly when Pablo's parents learned that the French Minister of Foreign Affairs had warned French citizens not to travel to Fiji. What to do?

Our thanks also go to Consul Towry who was both kind and helpful. Laurent was impressed with her French - and Italian! And Julie with her clarity and professionalism. Thanks, too, to the staff at the Suva Embassy who replied to the numerous questions Pablo's mother was wont to ask.

Finally, congratulations to Pablo, our newest Franco-American in Caledonia!


Mary said...

That has to be about the cutest photo I have seen, EVER! Way to go Pablo, then newest little American in Nouvelle Caledonia!

Uncle Steven said...

A real TROPICAL CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where have you been all my life, Pablito!

Le Cagou said...

Hello everybody,
What a touching moment!
If a picture speaks a thousand words, yours Julie is in this category.
Welcome Pablo to the world of diplomacy.
A bientot. Marc

Jo said...

So, the question remains: Are you going to Fiji?

Hope all is well with your family!

Julie said...

To answer your question, Jo, nope. We won't be going to Fiji this time. Thanks to the Consul's visit, all was taken care of here. But we do have a few trips up our sleeve - never fear.

All is well - Sophie is happily in London, Pablo is sprouting more teeth, and life marches on in all the best ways.

Best to you, your family, and all our readers out there.