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21 January 2007

Video: Snorkelling at the Phare Amédée

Regular readers may know that while living in New Caledonia, I've come to love snorkelling and count it as one of my all-time favourite activities. Just last week we were at the Phare Amédée again, and though I was tied up with Pablo, Laurent and the girls got to go snorkelling. Last Sunday, we also went to the Ile aux Canards, where this time, I got to swim with some of the largest fish I've yet to see in New Caledonia.

Why all the excitement over fish? See the two-minute clip below on "Snorkelling at the Phare Amédée" by YouTube member, bivele (click on the arrow and turn up the volume on your machine). The clip starts with one of our famous sea snakes (tricots rayés), moves onto the adventures of a sea turtle and shows off our beautiful coral, angel fish and more.

Many thanks to "bivele"!


Le Cagou said...

Dear julie,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I do appreciate it.
May I start with my first " commentaire " on your Blog.
This 2' minute video could be the prelude to Jules Vernes " 20000 Leagues under the sea."
Excelent music and underwater photography. One has the feeling of being there.
We feel like touching those creatures Great and Small.
And what about our slick frogman finding his way through the corals as skilful as an eel ( Tricot raye for that matter ) inviting us to follow him in this wonderful World of silence.
Thank you. Have a good day everybody. Marc

Fjäderlös Tvåfoting said...

Hi, greetings from sweden.

Nice blog.

Take care.