This blog on New Caledonia is for those of you who ever wondered what life on a tiny island in the South Pacific might be like. Tired of bracing winter winds, the stress of an inner city or simply dreaming of a life change? This is a blog about what happens when, in the words of Yogi Berra, "you come to a fork in the road, [and] take it".

20 January 2007

Maré: Warrior's Leap

To continue our tour of the Loyalty Islands, which we undertook over Christmas 2006 ...

Legend has it that a warrior, harassed by his enemies, leaped across this gaping 5-meter wide crevice in the cliff that dominates Allier Bay in Maré. All of his enemies fell to their deaths as they attempted the same feat.

A terrible fear of heights kept both Sophie and I from trying our luck, though Laurent most likely would have tried in his younger days.

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.


Le Cagou said...

Bonjour Julie,
I am just discovering your Blog.I am writting to you from Liverpool U-K.
My ancestors and I are originating from New Caledonia.
That is since the year 1865.
As you can see I live in U-K, I am french and I have been living away from " La belle Nouvelle-Caledonie " since 1978.
Your Blog is interesting, but I need to read more on what's been written.
I hope to hear from you and anyone else for that matter.
With your permission I will make some comments when appropriate on some of your topics. Thank you.
With my best wishes to you and your readers. Marc

Julie said...

Welcome, Marc!

Lovely to have you join us on this blog. Naturally, we will look forward to your comments. I'm certain you know far more about New Caledonia than I do and welcome your thoughts.

If you are looking for any information in particular, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Kind regards,


Danielle said...

Good morning Julie,
I think I got the language right... My sons were really impressed with the creek and stated they would jump if we ever get to New Caledonia... I think my heart will not survive it...