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20 November 2006

Lucie's Dashing Coffee-Drinking Soldier Man

Since my post about The Quietly Remarkable Mlle Lucie Agez, I have received both proof that her young American soldier man was a coffee lover and indeed, dashing (as pictured above). I've also learned that there were other young New Caledonian women who left New Caledonia to follow their American soldiers. One wonders how many. One wonders how many Americans have New Caledonian ancestry. One wonders how many Americans are proud of such ancestry ... in any case, many thanks to Lucie for showing young women the way of courage, strength and independence - 60 years before the world's borders opened and international travel became something of a regular occurrence.

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Kathy Bowers said...

Awesome article about Lucie. One of her daughters is married to my brother. I know Johanne and some of her sisters went to New Caledonia 6 years ago and had an awesome time. They hope to go again soon. Great article...hope you can meet Lucie and her daughers sometime. Happy Thanksgiving! I have family here today and we are looking at your journal.