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29 November 2006

Care for a Swim, Dear?

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.

Meet one of our newfound friends, at the Club Med in Hienghene. Imagine our surprise (and enchantment) when two deer wandered up and sat down beside us at the pool our first afternoon in Hienghene. Much better than a "spider who sat down beside her" of Little Miss Muffet fame!

In early November, readers might remember that we drove up north to Hienghene, an absolutely stunning site on the sea, best known for its enormous rock (calcium) formations (such as "Le Poulet" or "The Chicken") and its "Club Med". We stayed at the Club Med for a night or so to see what it was like.

Originally, we were to stay in a traditional Kanak "case" (or hut) at the "Club Med". But upon discovering mice droppings on two of the beds, we lucked into a bungalow that was both clean and cool (yes, it is hot here in November) - and had the added advantage of having a bathroom and shower included. Though we thoroughly enjoyed our stay, we weren't convinced that this was a real Club Med ... apart from the deer!


Ruth Pharris said...

Mouse droppings???? Perhaps we should have checked for that! The best thing about Club Med for us was the beach where we walked and found baby sand dollars.
Our cousin, Jacques, who lives in Voh has a pet deer, too, who was pregnant when we visited. Seems a wild male came to pay a call.

Elaine said...

Isn't that what paradise is--animals are not afraid of people and people are not afraid of animals? What a wonderful experience!