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16 October 2007

Video: An Afternoon in Noumea

Many people ask me what New Caledonia is really like and are often surprised to learn that we have modern, French hospitals, good schools and a few big supermarkets. Life is not as backward on this little island in the South Pacific as one might think ...

For a snapshot of the New Caledonia's capital, Noumea, watch the 7-minute video below. It captures some of the main sights, shows our views, and even pictures our slums (yes, we do have people who live in wooden shacks). You'll also find pictures from our famous Tjibaou Cultural Center, an architectural marvel.

My thanks to "crankycross" for filming and posting this on YouTube in May, 2007.


Paul said...

I think that there may have once been a time when this video would have outraged you. As it comes from the someone who visits the quaint island you described in 4 hours and only sees the paid performers and trinket shops and never sees the real people. Those slums become a photo-op while crankycross wonders if he should order two entrees off the menu that night.
Just having a little fun with you. I'm still full of poop up to my eyebrows.

Julie said...

Ah, but you do see the real people in this little spot ... and photo op I hardly think the slums are. But I see what you mean. What I liked about this video was that it is honest. Remarkable range in only 4 hours ...