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14 October 2007

Missing Anse Vata

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

We miss this, of all places. This is the Anse Vata ... I've written about it several times before on this blog. This is a long stretch of beach in Noumea which is particularly windy, and particularly beautiful - with its turquoise waters, white sands, and green slopes.

Pablo and I used to walk it frequently. Just after he was born, we walked it nearly every day with our friends Caitlin and Dorian. When they moved to La Reunion, we continued to walk it, but less frequently. I occasionally ran along it, and his father ran along it three times a week.

This is where Pablo really learned to walk (I would bring him down here to walk in the sand), this is where I sometimes went at 7 in the morning when Pablo wasn't sleeping, this is where we met friends, and where we often walked on the weekends.

Do we walk as much in Paris? I wish we did, but it is not nearly as warm and inviting in Paris. We are not used to the palava of having to bundle up, dodge other people and pushchairs, or navigate narrow sidewalks. We are not used to the sounds of the buses and cars and beeping horns. But never fear, we do walk, and even find ourselves at the base of the Eiffel Tower, on the Champs de Mars.


Lolita said...

Bonjour !

J'espère que le temps va mieux, et que vous marchez autour au contenu de votre coeur !

Les choses sont très chaudes et beau ici à Hollywood U.S.A., souhaitez que vous ayez été ici !

Vous manquez Anse Vata, je vous manquez !

Lola De Paris

Julie said...

que t'es mignonne ... merci lola de paris !

we miss you, too.


Mlle Lola said...

Comment faites vous aimez mon français, j'ai été pratiquant et étudiant la nuit et le jour !

L de P