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09 August 2007

New Caledonia's Local Art and Souvenirs

"Les couleurs de Tina" is one of our favourite little market stalls in Noumea. A local artist sells his superb island paintings for next to nothing (1000-1500 francs - or EUR 8.38-12.57) here.

He reminds me of all the portrait artists in Montmartre at the Place de Tertre. The difference is yes, his subject (island scenes and animals), and the fact that he is one of the only artists displaying his paintings in a public place (unlike the millions in Paris' Montmartre).

For the little he charges, I would definitely recommend his paintings as souvenirs to take home. They are both original and beautiful - and definitely better than a postcard!


TiteZa said...

Et bien il a un sacré coup de pinceau ! Magnifiques !

Anthony said...

Have you gone back to France and taken some of the beautiful souvenirs with you?

Le Cagou said...

Welcome back to la belle France Julie.
We are missing you.
Read from you soon.
Warm regards and best wishes to you and all your visitors. Marc

John said...

I am going back to new Caledonia in a few weeks with P&O and I will be trying to get to some local markets to purchase some local made items. Last time I was there I didnt see anything but what I did see was very much overpriced.

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