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03 August 2007

Garden Fun

Photos by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

2.5 weeks left in our beautiful house with our beautiful garden on the bay.

Pablo and I are taking full advantage of our last few weeks. Outside nearly every day, we explore the bushes (he climbed the hibiscus last week - and a tree this week, with my help), the hills (sliding down on our hinies), the flowers, the mud and under the car. Oh the fun we have scaring Mommy half to death looking for that special pebble just underneath, right there, just out of reach ... under the middle of the car.

Pablo is in heaven here in our garden. He explores to his heart's content. His little legs have the scratches to prove it, but no matter, that's what being a little boy in New Caledonia is all about.


melissa said...

Oh, these pictures of Pablo are so precious! And he's so big! I'm glad to hear you're all enjoying the beautiful gardens! After living vicariously though your adventures, I am now inspired to seek out some green in my world today! =)
Hugs, Melissa

Mary Deardorff said...

Julie, your little guy is growing up and is adorable. We have not seen photo's of your charming daughter lately. I am wondering if you went to the "heart of Voh"? Our cousin Jacque took us up to the top of a rocky hill to get a better view. It was awesome.
Enjoy your time in NC and please say hello to Cousin Francline & Jean Michel at the Bakery. Have a chocolate ecclair for me. yummy!
Give Pablo a big hug for me. He is a beautiful boy.
God Bless,

Uncle Stevie said...

Pablito is looking more and more like li'l Julie Harris every day!