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13 July 2007

Ile des Pins: Oure Lodge

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2007.

Our favourite place to stay on Ile des Pins is Oure Lodge. It is a beautiful hotel on the Baie de Kanumera - made up of bungalows right on the lagoon as well as nested in a tropical garden (pictured above).

Here is what we love about Oure Lodge:
  • The staff are very friendly and helpful.
  • Kayaking and snorkelling equipment is provided free of charge.
  • The American breakfasts are both delicious and generous.
  • The restaurant provides a range of dishes, including delicious fish.
  • The bungalows themselves are spacious and come with every comfort (including a bathtub and shower).
If ever you do end up at Ile des Pins in the rain (as we did this last time in June), we highly recommend Oure Lodge.



Great view.Fresh looking.Have you had a prince visit you before?Are you lucky?

Mary Deardorff said...

What beauty the Ile des Pins. One evening Dan and I sat on the beach watching the beautiful sunset. It was awesome. Then we saw somthing jumping in the water. "What to our wondering eyes should appear", but 3 dolphins. It was something to be hold. We did get a video of this site. We were there in Oct. The sunset was like nothing I've every seen before.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary Deardorff

Le Cagou said...

Bonjour a tous,
Captain Cook did'nt know about this place Julie.
He knew about the isle of Pines.
He and his crew discovered the island.
And those funny pine trees.
They fisrt thought they were rocks springing through the ground.
Non. It was l'ile des pins.
Bonne journee a tous. Marc

Mormhand said...

julie, it has been sad but happy to read your recent blogs, about your final tour around NC, your well deserved recognition for your blog work, your coming departure and people's reactions. over the past few months it has been much peace of mind to stay current with NC, because our son is there, so far away from his home in the US (he's been in Lifou some months now, is doing well). As a thank you, and to show you the kind of feeling your work generates, I invite you to the blog my daughter keeps, and to play the short video she made for her husband as a father's day tribute. It's called 'my prince charming has come,' and was posted on saturday june 16. but you will have to scroll down just a bit. I hope you find it - pls enjoy it as we have enjoyed your efforts. sincerely, fred axelgard and family

Julie said...

Dear mormhand,

So good to hear from you - and to learn that your son is doing well in Lifou. He is in such a paradisical part of the world. I am certain he will always remember his time there.

Thanks for sharing your daughter's blog as well. I've really enjoyed looking at it - and the short video she made for her husband brought a tear to my eye (being the sentimental old fool I am).

Thanks so much - and best to you and your family.