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07 July 2007

Blogging: A Home Away from Home

Photo by Julie Harris, 2007.

This blog has brought many unexpected pleasures. When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I did so to try to provide a service for those looking for information on New Caledonia - in English. A secondary (and no less important!) reason was to keep family and friends abreast of our little adventures half way around the world.

Today, this blog has brought me many new friends. I have spent time with them on line and off. My friends Jo and Sean generously hosted us (as well as our friends Anne and Melissa) in New Zealand. Jo and I came to know each other through our blogs. What a marvelous person she is!

I have really enjoyed coming to know the Lucie Agez family, descendants of New Caledonia, living in the United States. Again, marvelous people. Very kind, generous and loyal readers.

I have enjoyed hearing from readers such as "Le Cagou" (Marc) in Liverpool and Dave Thompson in the United Kingdom as well as many others.

I have come to know David and his family from Canada, who will be moving to New Caledonia (Kone) in the fall. They are currently visiting Noumea and it is an immense pleasure spending time with them.

Finally, most recently, a fellow blogger in the United States named Anthony has featured "Sojourn in the South Pacific" on his blog, "The Lives and Times of ... Anthony McCune" (Do go see his blog - it is full of interesting posts and beautiful photographs). Anthony scans literally hundreds of sites and took a generous liking to this little space.

I'd read recently that blogging is about community - connections, linking, commenting, forming a world on line. I have to say I agree.

Thanks to all of you out there who have made this funny online world a "home away from home".


Anthony said...

You are quite kind. Thank you for thinking enough of my little project to mention me.

Finding you in the blogosphere has been a true joy for me. The sort of thing that makes looking at a ton sites to find one more than worthwhile.

I'm afraid you maybe steering your visitors the wrong way, though. I'm not sure I'd want to leave the South Pacific to come to Ohio. Even in the blogosphere. :o)

Le Cagou said...

Hi everybody et bonjour a tous,
Merci beaucoup Julie and thank you very much for your very kind comments.
Not only to myself but of course to everyone you have just mentioned here in your post.
I do sympathise with you and your lovely family.
This country is very close to my heart as you know Julie.
But it is to you all as well.
Pablo is born New Caledonian.
A name given by the most able and renowned english navigator of scotish heritage born in Marton-in-Cleveland, Middlesbrough, England U-K.
Captain James Cook was the name.
The rest is history as we say.
Maybe, maybe...why not end your sojourn by visiting the exact spot where the great man, himself and his crew, set foot on september 5th 1774 on this wonderful island.
The place is Balade situed in the north east of New Caledonia.
It is only a suggestion Julie.
But we can all dream.
A bientot and thank you again.
Have a good day everyone. Marc

Anthony said...

I'm back...this time to see if you play tag.

This is my first meme; something different from any other one I've seen.

What else is there to say?

Oh, yes, of course... You're it!

Dave Thompson said...

Julie -

Thanks for the mention here. Reading your blog has been an inspiration for me over the last 12 months.

There is a certain, inevitable sense of 'the ending' in your last few posts, as you prepare to leave 'ce pays paradisiac' for 'La Belle France'.

However, I'm sure this will mark a 'new beginning' not only for yourself and your family, but many of your readers and followers, in whom you have planted a seed of discovery, maybe the genesis of a long-held dream, to themselves visit this sparkling gem in the South Seas.

I liken New Caledonia to an unclasped, golden bracelet, and the Loyalty islands to three sparkling diamonds, floating nearby in an infinity pool of endless blue...

I know I will hold this dream close. There is something special about the South Pacific.

As Michael Francs sang in 'Blue Pacific':

"I guess, I'm obsessed,
With that long slow distance"

Elaine Bowe said...

Thank you Julie for your kind words and kindness toward our family.

It has been so special to us having an American in New Caledonia and I must say I have learned so much about the island through you.

Your pictures have given us so many reminders of our visit of the island(only I'm afraid yours are much better than the ones we brought home).

Our family (Lucie Agez) will really miss you and your blog. And we hope to be able to keep up with your family in France. Have a safe trip "home". And enjoy paradise while your still there.

Thank you again. Elaine Bowe

P.S. Might David from Canada start a blog on New Caledonia?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Stella Benoit...What a delightful surprise to see your blog re Nouvelle Caledonia. My husband Gilles and I were on assignment from Canada in 1981-1982. Koumac was the village we lived in. I would love to return one day to see how much Koumac, Noumea and all places (Poum) have changed. It truly is awesome seeing the Great Barrier Reef when landing. Dreams came true and ended the brief time
we spent there. Enjoy...Holiday, Fl. Bonne Chance.

marydeardorff said...

Julie and Family,
I will truely miss reading your blog. I would love to see more photo's of Pablo growing up and also to see and hear more of your beautiful daughter. I have enjoyed all of the photo's and hearing of your journey throughout New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. One day I hope to visit the Loyalty Islands.
After reading the message about Captain James Cook reminded me that we did visit this Historical marker while on tourer with our Family Agez.
We pray you have a safe journey to France and that you will continue to share your blog with us. I check in daily and will miss reading your wonderful blog.
God Bless you
Mary Deardorff (My Mother is Lucie Agez Mickelson)

Julie said...

Hello everyone!

What a popular post this has been - all of you have responded in kind. :)

Anthony - Thanks for being "Sojourn in the South Pacific"'s newest enthusiast.

Marc - What a good suggestion to go up to the place Captain Cook landed at! I'll keep it in mind.

Dave - I am so pleased that there are people around the world such as yourself who love this place as much (or perhaps more!) as I do. You will have to visit - and blog your adventures for all of us.

Elaine - We'll be enjoying New Caledonia for all of you for as long as we are here ... and will post a photo of Candi's Patisserie! And hopefully, yes, David of Canada will do a blog on life here (in the north!) - won't you David?

Stella - Happy you stumbled on our little corner of the blogosphere. Perhaps David will post new photos of Koumac and Poum for you when he does a blog. He will be in Kone. All the best to you and yours.

Mary - I am humbled by your loyalty to this little blog. Thank you for your support and warm wishes. I will most likely keep blogging while in Europe, so news and photos of Sophie and Pablo will be available ... Warmest regards to you and your family.

All the best to all of you - now off to capture more of the beauty of this little island!