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16 November 2005

Flowering Frangipani

Palm trees to hibiscus to frangipani to bougainvilla to birds of paradise - and as far as I know, none of these are endemic to New Caledonia - all are in full splendor at this time of year. New Caledonia is fifth in the world for its diversity of flora - and 75% of our flora is endemic.

We are lucky enough to have bougainvilla, hibiscus and frangipani in our front yard, along with a couple of palm trees. We also have a budding pineapple plant - and around the corner some banana-laden banana trees. I am yet to find a good book or site in English on the flora of New Caledonia, but I have just stumbled on this site on endemic plants and flowers in New Caledonia, if you are interested in our pines (yes - we have many a tall swaying pine on our little South Pacific island) and local flowering plants: Click through the pages if you have a little time -- the author has clearly studied the subject thoroughly.


stevie said...

You lucky devils, you! My favorite plants. We call frangipani "plumeria", and I've planted two of those in my back patio - you'll have to come see!!! Also, bird of paradise, big and small, palms, banana, etc.

J. D. Riso said...

My scientist sister was just here collecting plants. I went with her in the field to a few places. You should check out Les Chutes de la Madelaine. It's a really great place to look at some strange endemic plants and it's only about 1 1/2 hours drive from Nouméa.