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22 November 2005

Breakfast and Lunch (and Work) in the Garden

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2005.
This is our view from the lunch table - and the breakfast table, for that matter. Ah, an ocean view for breakfast - in November. Who would have thought?

Sundays is often Pancake Day (pancake mix imported from the United States). I whip up a batch of pancakes for about 11 o'clock and we skip lunch. This last weekend Laurent and Sophie were off to the beach early after pancakes while I slaved over a new proposal for Sophie's school Web site. I happily delivered it yesterday for meetings that will take place this morning and this evening. We'll see what everyone thinks of the "charte graphique" and the structure I've laid out ... with luck it will pass and we can go on to another round of user tests before starting the actual site.

I should mention that I increasingly sit at this table (pictured above) with my wireless connection - slaving away thinking and writing and copying and pasting. Alas. Can you imagine a better work environment?

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stevie from hollywood u.s.a said...

I hope you'll like me just as much with green eyes, because they just turned....