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04 December 2006

Hienghene's Fantastic Rock Formations

One of the highlights of our trip up to Hienghene was the famous rock formations. "Le Poulet" is the most well known. Our guide explained that they are all "calcaire" - which I assume to mean calcium deposits.

Some are the size of people, some the size of houses, some the size of mountains. My favourite is pictured here. Can you tell what it is?

Photo by Laurent Guiader, 2006.


Jo Pfaff said...

Well, Julie, I think I see a flying fox or possibly a gargoyle. Yup- that must be what it is!

(OK, I give up....WHAT IS IT???)

Elaine Bowe said...

Could it be an elephant eating a coconut? What I see is a long snout, and big ears! Interesting formation.

Ruth Pharris said...

With a lot of squinting, I can actually see her eating the coconut. I focused on the little beady eyes.
How I wish I were in NC today! Temperature in Wisconsin about 7, but with the high winds, they say it is well below zero (like 19 degrees below zero!) Enjoy your paradise. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Julie said...

BRAVO, Ruth. You got it. It's a man (or woman) in profile, with a coconut in his (her) mouth. Our guide had put it there, so s/he would have something to nibble on.