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25 October 2006

State of Pre-Alert: Hurricane Xavier in the Area

It was announced yesterday that New Caledonia is on "pre-alert" status. Hurricane Xavier is in the area. We have been told to bring in all things that can up and fly away (including pets), batten down those things close to the sea (including cars and boats), and to listen attentively to the news. At 17.00 today we will know what Xavier has done to Vanuatu and whether or not the pre-alert will be over or will increase to Alert Level 1. Apart from it being windier, grayer and mistier than usual, all appears well. For more information (in French) on Xavier's status, see the French weather site. You can also click on the photo above to get a closer look at Xavier's trajectory as of 6.00 this morning.


Jo said...

Julie, let us know what happens with your hurricane warnings!

We went to a wedding last Saturday and the young couple have come to Noumea for their honeymoon. They arrived on Tuesday for ten days. We are hoping that the hurricane fades away and that they get to enjoy the lovely weather that we did.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

i am sure laurent had cleared any paper from his desk