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24 March 2006

Domestic Bliss

Photo by Julie Harris, 2006.
Life has been as stimulating and unpredictable as ever lately. Sophie has been helping out with various domestic tasks (see above with good friend, Cathy) as well as fielding and sailing through exam after exam at school (way to go, Soph!). It's been wonderful to be able to count on Soph at home and we are really proud of her work (plus she has started babysitting in the neighbourhood for whole packs of children) - she is really an angel on the earth!

Laurent and I have been attending to final details at home in preparation for baby, getting in the last bits and anticipating some fun life changes. We will also be following one of the Kanak traditions here and will be burying our little one's placenta at the base of a tree (yes, Laurent and Sophie both think I am crazy). As we will be moving house in June to have more space, I've decided that we need to plant a tree in a temporary pot so that we can replant the whole kittinkiboodle at our new home. Off we go this weekend to find said pot and tree. (I have to say that both Laurent and Sophie should receive huge medals for being so patient with me. Okay, so they roll their eyes a lot lately - that is to be expected!)

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steven said...

Our Little Sophie-poo is the most delightful person I know in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres!!!!!!!!!!!!!