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21 December 2005

Christmas Plans: Ile des Pins

We are off to Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines) for Christmas. It is a tiny, idyllic island famous for its turquoise waters and scuba diving. It's been called the "most beautiful island on the planet". See for a few photos and more. We'll take a boat to the island (a couple of hours), rent a car, tour the island and check in for a fabulous Christmas eve dinner at our little hotel on the northern-west coast (Hôtel Kodjeue).

On Boxing Day, we'll take a "pirogue" up through the lagoons (see the pirogue in the photo left for an idea of what I am talking about), walk a little through the island's famous pines (for which the island was named by James Cook) and spend an afternoon at a natural "piscine". Otherwise, we'll be enjoying the white sands and the relaxed pace of a tiny, tiny island. Pictures and tales to follow upon our return ...

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Jorge Aguilar said...

Hi, greetings from Houston !

I have not been able to find Sophie's blog, would you mind sending me the URL ? Meanwhile please help me deliver this important message to her:

(this is a song, in a cheery note)

"Estas son las mananitas que cantaba el Rey David, hoy por ser tu cumpleanos te las cantamos a ti!"

That means "Happy Birthday to you Sophie" We love you.

Jorge, Zandra and little Sofia.